Car insurance which additional insurance can I take

You can only insure your car for liability insurance, limited hull or full hull. But you can also insure your car more extensively with supplementary insurance. Which additional insurance policies can you take out?

You have the choice of legal assistance insurance, occupant accident insurance and occupant damage insurance:


Legal insurance

Legal insurance

The legal assistance insurance with your car insurance offers assistance with legal conflicts in which you and your car end up. This insurance will help you recover any damage from the counterparty. People with third-party liability insurance or limited airframe insurance opt for this coverage. It can also happen that you have a dispute with your garage. Even then this legal assistance insurance often offers legal assistance.

You can also choose to take out a coverage for traffic with your ‘normal’ legal expenses insurance. In that case, you do not have to take out cover for legal assistance with your car insurance policy. You would then be double insured. If you are going to take out car insurance, first check which cover your other insurance offers, so that you do not get overinsured.

Do you already have legal assistance insurance? Then see which premium you would have to pay for a traffic legal assistance insurance policy. It is possible that this premium is lower than the premium that your car insurance policy charges. And then you are often insured for all your cars in one go.


Passenger accident insurance

Passenger accident insurance

In the event of an accident, you and your fellow passengers may be injured. The medical costs are reimbursed by the health insurance policy. But an accident can also cause worse injuries such as disability or even death. You can insure yourself for the costs of this through an accident passenger insurance. With this insurance you, your passenger or surviving relatives receive a predetermined amount. This varies per car insurer.


Passenger damage insurance

Passenger damage insurance

Just as with the accident passenger insurance, you are also insured for damage caused by an accident with a passenger liability insurance. In addition, a passenger insurance claim pays out the actual damage amount. This coverage is therefore higher than the accident passenger insurance. The majority of passenger insurance claims have coverage up to one million euros.

If you have an occupant accident insurance, you do not have to take out occupant damage. You would then be double insured and that is a waste of money.


Don’t get over-insured

So you can expand your coverage for car insurance, but be careful not to get insured. Do you really need these additional insurances and part of the cover does not already fall under another insurance policy. If you already have legal assistance insurance with traffic, then legal assistance insurance with your car insurance is superfluous.

Discover now which car insurance suits you best: calculate car insurance. The moment you take out your car insurance you can also see what additional car insurance costs.


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Do you have any questions about supplementary car insurance? Call our customer service they can tell you everything about the additional car insurance policies.